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Nage Waza

Here is a chart of the throwing techniques of judo. I can't really attest for the accuracy of the english translations or for the breakdown by group, but I think it's probably fairly accuarate. A nice PDF version can be found here. For more information on the meaning of the various categories on the chart, check out Kodokan Judo, by Jigoro Kano (the man, himself).

Nage Waza 
Throwing Techniques
Tachi Waza
Standing Techniques
Sutemi Waza
Sacrifce Techniques
Te Waza
Hand Techniques
Koshi Waza
Hip Techniques
Ashi Waza
Leg Techniques
Ma Sutemi Waza
Back Techniques
Yoko Sutemi Waza
Side Techniques
Gokyo No Waza
Five Groups of 

Dai Ikkyo

Group One
seoi nage
shoulder throw
uki goshi
floating hip
deashi harai
forward foot sweep
o goshi 
big hip
hiza guruma
knee wheel
sasae tsurikomi ashi
supporting foot lift-pull
osoto gari
big outer reap
ouchi gari
big inner reap
Dai Nikyo
Group Two
tai otoshi
body drop
koshi guruma
hip wheel 
kosoto gari 
small outer reap
tsurikomi goshi
lift-pull hip
kouchi gari 
small inner reap
harai goshi 
hip sweep
okuri ashi harai
foot sweep
uchi mata 
inner-thigh reaping
Group Three
kata guruma
shoulder wheel
(ko/o)tsuri goshi
(small / big) lifting hip
kosoto gake
small outer hook
tomoe nage
circular throw
yoko otoshi
side drop
hane goshi
hip spring
ashi guruma
leg wheel
harai tsurikomi ashi
lift-pull foot sweep
Group Four
sukui nage
scooping throw
utsuri goshi
hip shift
o guruma
big wheel
sumi gaeshi
corner throw
tani otoshi
valley drop
uki otoshi
floating drop
hane makikomi
springing wraparound
soto makikomi
outer wraparound
Group Five
sumi otoshi 
corner drop
ushiro goshi
back hip
osoto guruma 
big outer wheel
ura nage
back throw
uki waza
floating throw
yoko wakare
side separation
yoko guruma
side wheel
yoko gake
side body drop
Group Six 
obi otoshi 
belt drop
osoto otoshi
big outer drop
hikkomi gaeshi
draw-pull counter?
uchi makikomi
inner wraparound
seoi otoshi 
shoulder drop
tawara gaeshi 
rice bag counter
daki wakare 
high separation
yama arashi 
mountain storm
No Waza
New Techniques
morote gari 
two-hand reap
high lift
uchi mata sukashi 
inner thigh reaping slip 
kani basami*
scissors throw
kuchiki taoshi 
one-hand drop 
sode tsurikomi goshi 
sleeve lift-pull hip
tsubame gaeshi 
swallow counter 
kawazu gake* 
one-leg entaglement
 kibisu gaeshi 
heel trip
osoto gaeshi 
big outer reap counter
osoto makikomi 
big outer wraparound
ippon seoi nage
one-arm shoulder throw 
ouchi gaeshi 
biginner reap counter
uchi mata makikomi 
inner thigh wraparound
obi tori gaeshi 
belt grab couter
kouchi gaeshi 
small inner reap counter
harai makikomi 
hip sweep wraparound
hane goshi gaeshi 
hip spring counter
harai goshi gaeshi 
hip sweep counter
uchi mata gaeshi 
inner thigh reap counter

* Indicates throw is not allowed in randori                               Indicates throw is part of Nage No Kata

Last updated July 24, 2001