Aero-Disastro Course 16.5

The MIT Student Juggling Club


Q: Do I have to be an MIT student to come to your meetings?
A: Nah, just show up. We're easy-going.

Q: Do you meet over Summer break, Winter break, IAP, or holidays?
A: As a general rule, no. We usually only meet during school days of Fall and Spring semester. If you're ever in doubt, our schedule on MIT's event listing is usually accurate. However, the other MIT Juggling Club meets almost every Sunday.

Q: Would you guys perform for us?
A: The club is very loosely organized, and external performances are done by anybody who volunteers. That being said, your best chance of finding a performer would be as a non-profit organization or to offer compensation. If you would like to inquire about performances, please e-mail us with your organization's name and information about the event, including the date and place.

Q: Is there any particular structure to the meetings?
A: Nope. Unless explicitly noted (which is generally only for elections), there is no formal business of any sort. Feel free to drop by at any time during the meeting to juggle, learn, or just watch. If you juggle, you get a cookie.

Q: Do you have a mailing list with periodic updates that I can be added to?
A: Yes. You can contact us and we'll add you. Or you can do it yourself here.

Q: Do I have to know how to juggle?
A: Nope. We'll teach you if you want to learn.

Q: Isn't there some other MIT Juggling Club that's been around more or less forever, and also meets in Lobby 10?
A: Yes, check them out here. However, two-thirds of its name is kind of misleading; it's really neither MIT nor a club, rather more a bunch of random community people (many extremely good jugglers!) who show up every week and juggle near each other. It's been around for over 25 years now and likley will be for another 25. It's the longest continually operating drop-in club in the world. There was no student group to put on performances, get university funding for equipment, or practice club passing and other group skills. That's where we come in.

Q: Where can I get some equipment to juggle with?
A: The club has some equipment you can use when we meet. We also have a list of vendors on this site that you can order from. Also, every year people from the club place a big order that gets you a discount on equipment. Come to a meeting and ask us about it for more details.

Q: Does this club have any rules?
A: No, not really. It does ostensibly have a constitution, though.