MIT Student Juggling Club

IAP 2024 Announcement!

We will be spending time specially teaching beginners how to juggle various objects (balls, clubs, and diabolos), so please do drop by if you're curious! There will also be no shortage of experienced folks around, so more seasoned jugglers can rest assured that you will be entertained too :)


We run around throwing things high into the air and try to catch them. Balls, rings, clubs, unicycles, diabolos - you name it, we have it! And we love teaching. Jugglers of ALL skill levels hail to our club from MIT to Boston. So what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun!


We meet Sundays, 3-5+ pm, usually only during school days of the Fall and Spring semester. The MIT Juggling Club meets almost every Sunday year round. We keep everyone updated on the mailing lists described below.


We meet in Lobby 10 (halfway down the Infinite Corridor) or Lobby 13 as a backup. When the weather is nice, we may meet on the Killian Court.


All skill levels are welcome, including complete beginners. You don't have to be an MIT student either.


Just show up! You should join the jugglestudents mailing list (MIT only) for updates, most of which are also shared to the other club's juggleclub mailing list (public). If you can't figure out how that works, feel free to contact us to be added.

Still have questions?

Email us at A few of us perform fairly regularly and offer a street performing act, so do reach out with any potential gigs!

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