Dynamic Casimir Phenomena

red ball Accelerating bodies in vacuum may experience friction, and emit radiation.

yellow ball "Quantum Theory of the Electromagnetic Field in a Variable-Length One-Dimensional Cavity,"

G. T. Moore, J. Math. Phys. 11, 2679 (1970)

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yellow ball "Observation of the dynamical Casimir effect in a superconducting circuit,"

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red ball Stationary (time invariant) moving states:

yellow ball "Shearing the vacuum - quantum friction,"

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yellow ball "Near-field radiative heat transfer and noncontact friction,"

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red ballRotation: Consider waves of frequency ω and angular state m impinging on object rotating with frequency Ω

Lab frame:             

Object frame:         

yellow ball "Generation of waves by a rotating body,"

Ya B. Zel'dovich, JETP Lett. 14, 180 (1971);  If  ω' and  ω have opposite signs:

 yellow ball  Amplitude of (classical) scattered wave exceeds incoming wave (Super-radiance).

 yellow ball  Conjectured (quantum) spontaneous emission with no incoming wave.

yellow ball "Spontaneous emission by rotating objects: A scattering approach,"

M.F. Maghrebi, R.L. Jaffe, & M. Kardar, PRL108, 230403 (2012). 

yellow ballNumber of photons in a mode of frequency ω and angular momentum m,

generated by object rotating with angular velocity Ω  is:


yellow ballE.g., net power for a rotating cylinder:  

yellow ballThe rotating cylinder also drags and spins small test bodies in its vicinity.

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