Transient Fluctuation-Induced Force

red ball Are there long-ranged fluctuation-induced forces in active matter?

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yellow ballThe annswer is negative: no long-ranged correlations and no long-ranged interactions.

red ball Agitating active matter from rest:

yellow ball C.M. Rohwer, M. Kardar and Matthias Krüger, Phys. Rev. Lett. 188, 015702 (2017)

Self-propelled colloidal particles                                                            Shaken Grains                             

red ballFluctuations of the conserved density field satisfy (model B):

yellow ball "Out of equilibrium behavior of Casimir-type fluctuation-induced forces for free classical fields,"

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red ballTransient fluctuation-induced force between plates:

red ballTransient fluctuation-induced force between two inclusions:

Conserved density leads to transient long-ranged force. (How "universal" is this result?)