IITS course on

Statistical Physics in Biology

KU Leuven, Spring 2013


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The course is taught by Prof. Mehran Kardar

Lectures and Recitations: TR 9.30-11, in room  06.32  in the Physics Department at KU Leuven

Catalogue Description:  The past decades have ushered in the ability to harvest a vast amount of biological data, such as the complete genome of many organisms, the structures of some RNA and numerous proteins, and the expression profiles of thousands of genes by chip technology. Converting this enormous databank to useful biological knowledge requires a multitude of computational and statistical tools, as well as novel conceptual perspectives. Progress in this task benefits from methods developed in statistical physics in disparate contexts such as optimization, partitioning, pattern recognition, collective behavior. Indeed, the central task of statistical physics is to describe how complex behavior emerges from interactions of large numbers of basic elements. The aim of this course is to introduce and explore some topics at the interface of physics and biology, organized into four sections tracking the flow of biological information:


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