Katarina Bulovic

Hello! I am a current MIT undergraduate going into my sophomore year in the fall. I am majoring in Course 6-2 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and possibly minoring in Course 9 (Brain and Cognitive Sciences) as well. I am excited about building, making, and 3D Printing, neuroscience and psychology, and the intersection between art and STEM.

I am currently working with the MIT CSAIL Human-Computer Interaction Engineering group under Professor Stefanie Mueller on using photochromic inks to create color-changing 3D printer filament (for FDM printing) and resin (for SLA printing).

To learn more, check out my resume here or email me at kbulovic@mit.edu.



Last spring, I took an introduction to EECS class on embedded systems, where we used ESP32 microcontrollers to create internet-connected devices. For my final project in this class, I worked with my partner Patrick Wang to create BreakfastBot. BreakfastBot is a small autonomous robot built to deliver snacks to your current location. Users can go to the BreakfastBot website and input their room number and snack choice. Upon receiving a command, BreakfastBot dispenses the desired snack and drives to the selected room. Then, once the user receives their snack, the robot returns to its base station and waits for the next command. Here is our project proposal.

Music and Memory

During my senior year of high school, my partner Rachel Sussman and I participated in the 2017 MSSEF competition. Our project studied music and memory, and we were trying to determine whether hearing information presented as song lyrics rather than as spoken words would increase retention, and if so which genre of music helped the most with recalling the words. My role was to create a computer program using Java that would play the songs and spoken words that my partner composed and recorded, and provide a way for participants to input the words they remembered after hearing the recordings and store the data. Here is a link to our abstract. Our project recieved honorable mention in the state science fair.

Logic Gates

For a maker fair at Einstein's Workshop, a STEM workshop in Burlington, MA, I designed 3D printed interactive digital logic gates. Users could turn dials to "zero" or "one" to simulate input, and then roll a marble down a track and watch it come out of one of two possible exits (the "output"). For the maker fair, I created an AND gate, an OR gate, and a multiplexer using Tinkercad.

Breadcrumbs Pathfinding

As a senior in high school, I attended HackNEHS, a hackathon at Microsoft in Burlington. With a group of four people (myself, Ian Bulovic, Ian Burwell, and Evan Weissburg), I worked on creating a program which efficiently finds the shortest path between two user-chosen points through a maze or floor plan. After the 12 hour hackathon ended, we continued to improve on our program for the next few months, eventually putting it up on the Android Google Play store as Breadcrumbs Pathfinding.

3D Printing

A few years ago, I built a MendelMax FDM 3D printer from a kit. Since then, I have been designing and printing models and experimenting with different materials. More recently, I got an upgrade kit and attached a second extruder for multicolor and multimaterial prints. Here is a link to some of my designs made using Tinkercad. Currently, I'm working on a syringe system to make my 3D printer print with pancake batter, although that is not functional yet.

Work Experience

MIT Media Lab Scratch Team UROP: Using PDF documents as templates, made web pages in HTML and CSS for the example activities in the "Teach" section of the Scratchjr website and ensured that website text was translatable to make Scratchjr more accessible worldwide.

Einstein's Workshop: Answered customer queries about and offered technical assistance with legos, 3D printers, robots, computers, and other items in the drop-in space and assisted instructors with classes.

Central Rock Gym: Worked as an event staff member, instructing and belaying children and adults at Central Rock Gym, a rock climbing gym in Watertown, MA.

Mentoring and Volunteering

Clarke Middle School Scratch Club: Volunteer at Clarke middle school's after-school Scratch club, teaching and providing assistance to middle schoolers learning how to code with Scratch, a block-based beginner programming language.

Scratch Day at MIT: Mentor students and families at the MIT Media Lab's annual Scratch day.

First Lego League at Einstein's Workshop: Coached an all-girls team of elementary and middle schoolers for the 2016 First Lego League robotics competition.

Drumlin Farm Counselor in Training: Helped supervise elementary and middle schoolers at a nature-, farming-, and science-based summer camp. Mentored and cared for children, assisted with supervising games, crafts, and other activities, prepared lesson plans and taught lessons, performed service projects, and received training in child development.

Harrington Elementary School Family Math Nights: Welcomed and oriented students and families, supervised other student and adult volunteers, and assisted children with math- and logic-based activities at Harrington elementary school's Family Math Nights.