"Little Women" Set/Prop/Sound Requirements

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Set Pieces

  SCENE         ITEM
  -----         ----
  ALL		coat/umbrella rack
  ALL		chair (Meg's chair)
  ALL		Marmee's chair
  ALL		couch w/pillows, blankets/afghans
  ALL		upright piano w/stool, lace covering, etc. (Beth's piano)

  A,B,33,C...	desk w/chair (Lu/Niles desk, Jo in NYC, Jo's writing space)

  3,4,6		ornate chair (Gardiner/Laurie/Mr. L)

  4		small table (Laurence house table)
  4,6		grand piano (Laurie's piano)
  A,4,B,C	wall with portrait (Mr. L.)

  3,9,24	trellis (Gardiner)
  9,19,24	bench (Gardiner/Amy's will)

  24...		lawn bench (Meg's wedding)
  24...		lawn chair (Meg's wedding)

Act I Props/Sound

Items marked with * may be listed multiple times, but may all make use of the same actual prop.
  ----- ----    ----

  A	PROP	miscellaneous papers		preset on desk
	PROP	*writing paper/pen/ink		preset on desk

  1	PROP	*Marmee's slippers		preset on floor
	PROP	*Xmas decoration		Hannah brings in
	PROP	letter from Father		Marmee brings in
	PROP	*sewing/knitting		preset? bring in?

  2	PROP	Marmee's present: basket	preset behind couch
	PROP	Marmee's present: shoes		preset with basket
	PROP	Marmee's present: handkerchief	preset in basket
	PROP	Marmee's present: cologne	preset in basket
	PROP	Marmee's present: gloves	preset in basket

  3	PROP	*book (for Jo)			Jo brings in
	PROP	letter from Mrs. Gardiner	Meg brings in
	SOUND	waltz music
	SOUND	polka music
	SOUND	party voices (?)

  4/5	PROP	blancmange bowl			Jo brings in
	SOUND	bell
	SOUND	bell

  6	PROP	*slippers			preset on grand piano bench
  	PROP	*Beth's doll			Beth brings in
	PROP	envelope/key/letter from Mr. L	preset on small piano

  7	PROP	Mr. Davis' ruler		preset on desk
	SOUND	three slaps of ruler

  8a	PROP	*book (for Amy)			Amy gets from couch
	PROP	a pair of skates		Jo brings in

  8b	PROP	blankets			preset? Amy brings in?

  9	PROP	*overnight bag			Meg brings in
	SOUND	party voices (?)

  10	PROP	post office key			Laurie brings in

  12	PROP	croquet paraphenalia (?)	bring in? cut?
	PROP	sketchbook/drawing pencil	bring in (Amy?)
	PROP	*book (Schiller)		Brooke brings in
	PROP	blade of grass			Brooke brings in
	SOUND	country outdoor noises

  14a	SOUND	city outdoor noises

  14b	PROP	*sewing/knitting		preset?
	PROP	newspaper			Jo brings in

  15a	PROP	clay models (Amy's sculpture)	preset on floor
	PROP	*writing paper/pen/ink		preset on desk
	PROP	telegram from Washington	Hannah brings in
	SOUND	doorbell

  15b	PROP	big trunk			preset
	PROP	letter from Aunt March		Laurie brings in
	PROP	money (Jo)			Jo brings in
	SPECIAL	wig (Jo)			Jo wears on

Act II Props/Sound

  ----- ----    ----

  16	PROP	letter				Lu brings in

  17a	PROP	*sewing (Meg)			preset? Meg brings in?
	PROP	*writing paper/pen/ink		preset on desk

  17b		[none]

  18a	PROP	*blanket			preset on couch
  	PROP	*Beth's doll			preset by couch

  19	PROP	Amy's will			Amy brings in

  18b	PROP	Doctor's bag (?)		Doctor brings in? cut?

  22	PROP	*Xmas decoration		Hannah brings in

  23	PROP	*umbrella (Brooke)		preset in stand
	PROP	handkerchief (Laurie) (?)	Laurie brings in? cut?

  B	PROP	*bag (Lu)			Lu brings in
	PROP	drawings			preset in bag
	PROP	*manuscript			preset in bag

  24...	PROP	check				Jo brings in
	PROP	garland on trellis		preset on trellis
	PROP	hammer				preset on bench
	PROP	handkerchief			Aunt M. brings in

  30	PROP	plate w/cake, fork		Jo brings in

  33	PROP	miscellaneous papers		preset on desk
	PROP	letter to home			preset on desk
	PROP	*writing paper/pen/ink		preset on desk
	PROP	sock/darning needle		Bhaer brings in
	PROP	*book				Bhaer brings in?
	PROP	newspaper (folded as hat)	Bhaer brings in
	PROP	*story manuscripts		preset on desk
	PROP	*traveling bag			preset by desk
	PROP	letter from Marmee		Marmee brings in

  36		[none]

  42	PROP	black cloth			preset on Beth's piano
  	PROP	*Beth's doll			preset on Beth's piano
  	PROP	picture of Beth			preset on Beth's piano

  43a		[none]

  43b	PROP	manuscript package (mail)	Hannah brings in

  46	PROP	*umbrella			Bhaer brings in
	PROP	newspaper-clipped poem		Bhaer brings in
	SOUND	falling rain

  C	PROP	*book (Little Women)		Niles brings in?

  47		[none]