Welcome to my on-line lair. This is a personal homepage to complement my professional page. Here you will find a collection of things I like, pages I've made, and so on. Some of the links are for projects I'm working on in my "real" life. This is also the place where I experiment with web design, JavaScript, and so on, thus somethings may not work, or need lots of bandwidth, or be slow to download. I've also studying on-line communities and among the links below, you will find some leading to these sites, such as the Sequential Tart Boards, and sevral blogs. All are worth a look. You've been warned and encouraged, so go to the bottom of the page and choose a destination.


I added two pieces of writing and have a couple more in the works.

I've added two handy tools below for finding color values to use in web pages.

"Daily Alice couldn't tell if she felt huge or small. She wondered whether her head were so big as to be able to contain all this starry universe, or whether the universe were so little that it would fit within the compass of her human head. She alternated between these feelings, expanding and diminishing. The stars wandered in and out of the vast portals of her eyes, under the immense empty dome of her brow; and then Smoky took her hand and she vanished to a speck, still holding the stars as in a tiny jewel box within her." (From Chapter 4, "Little, Big" in Little, Big by John Crowley)
Jeffery Bedrick
Good and Evil
Good and Evil, 2000 Daniel Merriam
I'm very fond of surrealist and symbolist painting, such as this one by Daniel Merriam
In general, I have always enjoyed art, literature, film, and other kinds of performance that blur the boundaries between the real and imagined. To see, hear, read more, please choose a destination below.

Some of the links below are to other pages of mine, some are to external pages.
Born on: October 31, 2000
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