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Alessandro Angelini

Alessandro Angelini [cv]

Disrupting microenvironment cancer/host cell communication via engineered multispecific antibodies

The interactions between cancer and host cells, within the tumor microenvironment, have been shown to play a crucial role in cancer invasion and metastasis in a variety of human carcinomas, providing a large and unexploited opportunity for therapeutic intervention. Given the multi-factorial and redundant nature of the pro-tumorigenic communication between cancer and host cells, it is unlikely that a single drug will be sufficient to disrupt the complex tumor-promoting intercellular signaling that leads to metastasis. The suppression of such networks could only be achieved by the development of multispecific antibodies, which is the main goal of this project. These novel therapeutic molecules would not only have the greater ability to potently and specifically interfere with the orchestration of the intercellular communication that leads to tumor promotion, but they could also become a useful tool in cancer research, helping to understand the complexity of the tumor microenvironment.