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Adrienne Rothschilds

Adrienne Rothschilds [cv]

Development and Characterization of IgE as a Cancer Immunotherapy

The field of cancer antibody therapeutics has long been dominated by IgG isotype antibodies, with successful IgG treatments such as Trastuzumab and Rituximab against breast cancer and leukemia, respectively. Although IgE isotype antibodies have traditionally been characterized as agents in allergic immune responses, the potential for new cancer immunotherapies using IgE rather than IgG is promising for several reasons. The relatively low concentration of IgE in blood serum (0.02% of circulating immunoglobulins compared to 85% IgG) results in little competition of therapeutic IgE for its receptor on effector cells. Additionally, IgE has the high affinity of 1010 M-1 for its FcεRI receptor on many effector cells. In my project, the mechanism of IgE as a cancer immunotherapeutic will be explored in addition to combination treatments with IgG or other immune system modulators.