Reagent Availability

Wittrup Lab Plasmids are available through Addgene.

EBY100 and YVH10 Cells are available through ATCC.

Yeast Surface Display Protocols

Yeast Surface Display

Affinity Maturation

scFv Library Yeast Surface Display

Fibronectin Library Yeast Surface Display

Original Wittrup Lab Yeast Surface Display Paper

PNNL has a great yeast display page with protocols here.
pCTCon2 is equivalent to pPNL6.
pRS314-4M5.3 and pRS316-4M5.3 are equivalent to pPNL9.

Additional Protocols
Open Wet Ware Site
Reagent Requests
If the item you want is not available from the sources above or to obtain a yeast library, please fill out the form below.