Research in the Wittrup group is predominantly focused on the application of protein engineering to the development of cancer therapeutics.

Tumor Immunotherapy

Presentation of tumor antigens to the immune system together with stimulatory signals that mimic a pathogenic infection to attempt to raise a protective immune response. Engineering altered binding properties of interleukin 2 to enhance T cell signaling properties. Engineering altered antibody effector functions

Lab Researchers: Tiffany Chen, Cary Opel, Alice Tzeng, Eric Zhu

Collaborators: Glenn Dranoff, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Lou Weiner, Georgetown University, Jianzhu Chen, MIT, Darrell Irvine, MIT, Doug Lauffenburger, MIT, and Jeff Ravetch, Rockefeller University.

Engineered Antibody EGFR Antagonist Cancer Therapeutics

Structure/function & trafficking studies of antibody antagonism of the epidermal growth factor receptor, involved in many cancers.

Lab Researchers: Nicole Yang, Seymour de Picciotto, Michael Santos

Collaborators: Doug Lauffenburger, MIT, Forest White, MIT, and John Kuriyan, UC Berkeley.

Tumor Targeting

Development of optimized proteins and protocols for selectively delivering radiometals and toxins to tumor cells.

Lab Researchers: Xiaosai Yao, Byron Kwan, Dr. James Van Deventer, Katie Maass, Dr. Alessandro Angelini

Collaborators: Steve Larson, MSKCC, and Paul Yazaki, City of Hope, J. Christopher Love, MIT.