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This directory is a place for documents you intend to give out to all
players, like the rules.  Documents here likely do not need to be part
of the central database in Lists/.

playerlist.tex: This is the playerlist, which lists contact info for
all the players.  Exactly what it produces is largely dependant on
some of the switches and customizations available in the the .cls

In comments, playerlist.tex also describes how to include a map of
game area in the document, in case you want it in the playerlist
instead of the rules/scenario.  Note that this is probably only a good
idea if your playerlist is only one page.

rules-scenario.tex: This is a reasonably complete and straightforward
rules document for a Guild game.  It is a concise write-up that may be
useful as a starting point; go through it and edit to your tastes.
Some parts, such as Game Area, have large holes you should fill in.
There are a few comments that describe a few likely changes.  Other
comments include entire paragraphs that may be useful.

The entire section on Violence is just one example of the many
different ways such things have been written; this one includes the
latest incarnation of the DarkWater combat system, which is nice for
speedy and lethal combat.

The document is written for GameTeX (in particular, the martial combat
system references the combat abilities used as examples in abils-LIST,
and the copyright references GM macros), but it could easily be

It includes a blank section for a scenario, since having the rules and
scenario be in the same document can be very convenient.  In comments,
is describes some basic uses of GameTeX's map graphical feature, and
how to incorporate into a section on game areas.

wrapup.tex: This is a template for a wrapup document (usually most
suitable for longer games).  It automatically generates wrapup entries
for all PCs, basically printing out everyone's \MYwrapup entries.

Public Greensheets: A public greensheet is one that any character can
optionally have.  To create one, just make a normal greensheet with
the \publicgreensheet command added right after \begin{document}:

  \name{Blahing the Blah}

  Blah blah blah.  Blah blah blah.  Blah blah blah.


Note that, since the greensheet will be freely distributed, it won't
need to be owned by anyone, so you might not need a green macro (see
Lists/) for it; you may still want a macro if other game documents
refer to the public greensheet's name.