An ancient resume from when I was seeking a summer internship

Ken Takusagawa

PO Box 397166, Cambridge, MA 02139-7166, 857-998-7158, kenta AT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Stanford University, Stanford, CA


National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship recipient, 2000
Member of Stanford ACM Computer Programming Contest World team, 1999
Member of Stanford ACM Computer Programming Contest team,1998

Work Experience
Research Associate, Dr. Daphne Koller, Stanford University 1998-2000
Kitchen Manager, Chi Theta Chi Cooperative Residence, Stanford University, 1999-2000.
Unix Consultant, Stanford Distributed Computer Systems, 1997.

Other Experience
Software Maintainer of the Mozilla, GCC, Haskell, and Speech Tools software lockers for the MIT Student Information Processing Board (SIPB)
President, MIT Lindy Hop Society, 2002-current.

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