Anand-Kramnik WCC 2008 Game 9, Pondering move 46, Glaurung depth 21

1. cp 0:  Rxb3 Rh4 Re8 Rxe8 gxh4 Re4 h5 Rh4 Rb8+ Kg7 Kf3 Rxh5 Kf4 Kf6 Rb6+ Kg7 Rb7+ Kf6 Rb6+ depth 21 nps 944000
2. cp 0:  Rh6+ Kg7 Rb6 Rc2+ Rxc2 bxc2 Rc6 Rh8 Rxc2 Kf6 Kf3 Rb8 Ra2 Ke6 Ra6+ Ke5 Ra5+ Ke6 Ra6+ depth 21 nps 3362793
3. cp 0:  Re3 Rc2+ Rxc2 bxc2 Rc3 Kg7 Rxc2 Kf6 Kf3 Rb8 Re2 Kg5 Re3 Kf6 Re2 depth 21 nps 599831
4. cp -113:  Kf2 Rb8 Re5 Rc3 Rxf5 Rbc8 Rb1 Rd3 Rb2 Kg7 Rg5+ Kf6 Rb5 Rcc3 Rb6+ Kg5 Rb5+ Kg6 Rb6+ Kf5 Rb5+ Ke6 Rb6+ Ke5 Rb5+ Ke4 Rb4+ Kd5 Rb4xb3 Rxb3 Rxb3 Rxb3 depth 21 nps 2965226
5. cp -141:  Kf3 Rc3+ Kf4 Rgxg3 Kxf5 Kg7 Re7+ Kf8 Rh7 Rce3 Kf4 Rgf3+ Kg4 Rd3 Rc7 Kg8 Rb7 Rc3 Rc7 Rg3+ Kf4 Rxc7 Kxg3 Rc3+ Kf4 Kf7 Ke5 Ke7 depth 21 nps 2817859
6. cp -194:  Rb1 Rb8 Kf3 Rc2 Kf4 Kg7 Kxf5 Rf2+ Kg4 b2 Rc6 Kf7 Kh4 Rb5 g4 Rb3 Kh5 Rb4 Kh4 Rd2 Kg3 Rdd4 Kf3 Rxg4 depth 21 nps 2427677
7. cp -207:  Rd2 Rb8 Rd7 Rg4 Re1 Rg7 Rdd1 Ra7 Kf3 Kg7 Re2 b2 Rb1 Rb3+ Kf2 Rab7 Re3 Kf6 Ke2 Rxe3+ Kxe3 Ke5 Kd2 Rb3 Kc2 Rxg3 Rxb2 depth 21 nps 2682597
8. cp -217:  Kh2 Rb8 Kg2 Rc3 Re5 Rg8 Rxf5 Rgxg3+ Kf2 Kg7 Ke1 Rce3+ Kd2 Rd3+ Ke1 Rge3+ Kf2 Rh3 Ke2 Kg6 Rf8 Kg5 Rb1 Rhg3 Re8 Kf4 depth 21 nps 2040558
9. cp -217:  Rbe2 Rb8 Rb2 Rc3 Re5 Rg8 Kf2 Rgxg3 Rxf5 Kg7 Rb1 Kg6 Rf8 Kh6 Rc8 Rcd3 Ke2 Kg5 Rf8 Kg4 Re8 Kf4 depth 21 nps 2716375
10. cp -225:  Rf6 Rc3 Rxf5 Rgxg3+ Kf2 Kh7 Ke1 Rce3+ Kd2 Rd3+ Ke2 Kh6 Rf8 Rc3 Kd1 Rgd3+ Ke2 Re3+ Kf2 Kg7 Rf4 Kg6 Rb1 Rg3 Rf8 Kg5 Re8 depth 21 nps 3120055
11. cp -225:  Rf2 Rb8 Rb2 Rc3 Re5 Rg8 Rxf5 Rgxg3+ Kf2 Kh7 Ke1 Rce3+ Kf2 Kg6 Rf8 Kg5 Rb1 Kg4 Rh1 Rgf3+ Rxf3 Rxf3+ Ke2 Kf4 Rh4+ Kg5 Rh1 depth 21 nps 2517966
12. cp -241:  Re5 Rc3 Rxf5 Rgxg3+ Kf2 Kh7 Ke1 Rce3+ Kd1 Rd3+ Ke1 Kg6 Rf8 Rge3+ Kf2 Rh3 Ke2 Rdg3 Rf2 Re3+ Kd1 Rd3+ Ke1 Kg5 Rf8 Rhe3+ Kf2 Re7 Rb1 depth 21 nps 1953624
13. cp -278:  Re1 Rc3 Rh1+ Kg7 Rf1 Rgc8 Rfb1 Rb8 Rf1 Kf6 g4 Rb5 Rbf2 Rcc5 gxf5 Rc3 Rb1 Rxf5 Rfb2 Rg5+ Kf2 Rgg3 Re1 Kf5 Rbb1 depth 21 nps 1677569
14. cp -286:  Rb6 Rc3 Kf1 Rgxg3 Rb7 Rcf3+ Rf2 Kg8 Rxf3 Rxf3+ Ke2 Rh3 Kd2 f4 Ke2 Rc3 Kd2 Rg3 Ke2 Kf8 Rb4 Kf7 Rxf4+ Ke6 Rf1 Ke5 depth 21 nps 1702314
15. cp -286:  Re7 Rc3 Kf1 Rgxg3 Rb7 Kg8 Re2 Rce3 Rxe3 Rxe3 Kf2 Rc3 Ke2 f4 Ke1 Rh3 Kd2 Rg3 Ke2 Kf8 Kd2 Ke8 Kc1 depth 21 nps 2982397
16. cp -301:  Kf1 Rxg3 Rb6 Rc1+ Kf2 Rcc3 Rb7 Rh3 Kg1 f4 Rd2 Rcg3+ Rg2 Rd3 Rg4 Rd4 Kg2 Rc3 Kf2 Ra4 Ke1 Re3+ Kd1 Ra1+ Kd2 Ra2+ Kd1 f3 Rgg7 depth 21 nps 2436250
17. cp -319:  g4 Rgxg4+ Kf2 Rc3 Rb6 Rgg3 Rb7 Rh3 Kg1 f4 Rd2 Rcg3+ Rg2 Rd3 Rb2 Kg8 Kf1 Rdg3 Rf2 Rh1+ Ke2 Rc1 Rxf4 Rc2+ Kf1 b2 Ra4 Rg7 depth 21 nps 2884546
18. cp -331:  Ra6 Rc3 Kf2 Rgxg3 Rd2 Kh7 Rd7+ Rg7 Rd1 Re7 Rb6 Kg7 Rg1+ Kf7 Rh1 Re6 Rh7+ Kg6 Rxe6+ Kxh7 Re1 Kg6 Ke2 Kf6 Kd2 Rc4 depth 21 nps 1873596
19. cp -386:  Kh1 Rxg3 Rb6 Kg7 Kh2 Rcc3 Rf2 Rh3+ Kg1 Rcg3+ Rg2 Kf7 Rxg3 Rxg3+ Kf2 Rh3 Kg2 Rc3 Kf2 Ke7 Ke2 f4 Kd2 Rg3 Rb4 Rg2+ Kc3 depth 21 nps 2645079
20. cp -388:  Kh3 Rc3 Kh2 Rgxg3 Rf6 Rgf3 Rg2 Rh3+ Kg1 Rc1+ Kf2 Rc7 Kg1 Rb7 Rb2 Rg7+ Rg2 Rc3 Rb6 f4 Rxg7 Kxg7 Kf2 Kf7 Rb4 Kf6 Rxf4+ Ke5 Rf8 depth 21 nps 2841841
21. cp -400:  Rd6 Rc3 Kh2 Rgxg3 Rf6 Rgf3 Rb6 Kg7 Kg2 Rg3+ Kf2 Kf7 Rd2 Rcf3+ Ke1 Re3+ Kf2 Rgf3+ Kg2 Ke7 Re2 Rg3+ Kf2 Rxe2+ Kxe2 Kd7 Kd2 f4 Kc1 depth 21 nps 2059696
22. cp -433:  Kg1 Rxg3+ Kf2 Rh3 Kg2 Rch4 Rb1 f4 Rg6 Kh7 Rg5 Rc3 Kg1 Kh6 Rg8 Rhh3 Kf1 Rh1+ Rg1 Rxg1+ Kxg1 Kg6 Kf2 Kf5 Ke2 Ke4 depth 21 nps 2854054
23. cp -462:  Ree2 Rc3 Kf2 Rgxg3 Re7 Rh3 Kg1 f4 Rd2 Rc1+ Kg2 Rg3+ Kf2 Rh1 Re8+ Kg7 Rd7+ Kf6 Rd6+ Kf7 Rb8 Rh2+ Kf1 b2 Rb7+ Ke8 Rdb6 Rgg2 Ra7 Rd2 Rb8+ Rd8 Rxd8+ Kxd8 depth 21 nps 2005534
24. cp -1021:  Re8 Rxe8 Rxb3 Kg7 Rb6 Rc3 Kf2 Ree3 Kg2 Rxg3+ Kf2 f4 Kf1 Rc2 Rb5 Kf6 Rb4 Rh3 Kg1 Kg5 Ra4 Rhh2 Ra6 Kf5 depth 21 nps 3232815
25. cp -1996:  Rg6 Rxg6 Rxb3 f4 Rb8+ Kg7 g4 Rxg4+ Kf2 Rg3 Rb2 Rcc3 Rb7+ Kf6 Rb4 Rc2+ Kf1 Kf5 Rb8 Kg4 Rb7 Rh3 Kg1 Rc1+ Kg2 f3+ Kf2 Rc2+ Ke3 f2+ Kd4 f1=Q depth 21 nps 3067641
26. cp -8036:  Re4 fxe4 Rxb3 Rc2+ Kh3 Rf2 Rb5 e3 g4 Re8 Rh5+ Kg7 Rg5+ Kf6 Rb5 e2 Rb6+ Kg7 Rb7+ Kh8 Rb1 e1=Q Rxe1 Rxe1 Kg3 Rg1+ Kxf2 Rxg4 Ke3 Kg7 Kd2 Kf6 Ke3 depth 21 nps 1505868
27. cp -8046:  Rc6 Rxc6 Rxb3 f4 Kf1 fxg3 Kg2 Rc2+ Kg1 g2 Rh3+ Kg7 Rg3+ Kf7 Rf3+ Ke6 Re3+ Kf5 Re1 Rh8 Re5+ Kf4 Rf5+ Ke4 Re5+ Kd4 Rd5+ Ke3 Re5+ Kd3 Rd5+ Kc4 Rd4+ Kc3 Rc4+ Kd3 Rxc2 Kxc2 Kxg2 depth 21 nps 1485480
28. cp -8176:  Ra2 bxa2 Ra6 Rc3 Kf2 Rgxg3 Rxa2 Rcf3+ Ke1 Rg1+ Ke2 Rg2+ Kxf3 Rxa2 Kf4 Ra5 Ke3 Kg7 Kd4 f4 Ke4 Ra4+ Kf3 Kf6 Kg4 Ke5 Kf3 Ra8 depth 21 nps 2046015
29. mate -10:  Rc2 bxc2 Re1 c1=Q Rxc1 Rxc1 Kf3 Rg4 Kf2 Rc3 Ke2 Rgxg3 Kd2 Kh7 Ke2 Rg2+ Kd1 f4 Ke1 Rc1# depth 21 nps 2879906

Moves: d4 d5 c4 e6 Nf3 Nf6 Nc3 c6 Bg5 h6 Bh4 dxc4 e4 g5 Bg3 b5 Be2 Bb7 Qc2 Nbd7 Rd1 Bb4 Ne5 Qe7 O-O Nxe5 Bxe5 O-O Bxf6 Qxf6 f4 Qg7 e5 c5 Nxb5 cxd4 Qxc4 a5 Kh1 Rac8 Qxd4 gxf4 Bf3 Ba6 a4 Rc5 Qxf4 Rxe5 b3 Bxb5 axb5 Rxb5 Be4 Bc3 Bc2 Be5 Qf2 Bb8 Qf3 Rc5 Bd3 Rc3 g3 Kh8 Qb7 f5 Qb6 Qe5 Qb7 Qc7 Qxc7 Bxc7 Bc4 Re8 Rd7 a4 Rxc7 axb3 Rf2 Rb8 Rb2 h5 Kg2 h4 Rc6 hxg3 hxg3 Rg8 Rxe6 Rxc4

FEN 6rk/8/4R3/5p2/2r5/1p4P1/1R4K1/8 w - - 0 46

See the RCS file for previous moves. Here is the script used to generate this analysis.

"cp" = centi-pawn