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Shared Library Support

Shared library support is provided for a few operating systems. There are restrictions as to which compiler to use when using shared libraries. In all cases, executables linked with the shared libraries in this build process will have built in the location of the libraries, therefore obliterating the need for special LD_LIBRARY_PATH, et al environment variables when using the programs. Except where noted, multiple versions of the libraries may be installed on the same system and continue to work.

Currently the supported platforms are Solaris 2.6-2.9 (aka SunOS 5.6-5.9), Irix 6.5, Redhat Linux, MacOS 8-10, and Microsoft Windows (using DLLs).

Shared library support has been tested on the following platforms but not exhaustively (they have been built but not necessarily tested in an installed state): Tru64 (aka Alpha OSF/1 or Digital Unix) 4.0, and HP/UX 10.20.

Platforms for which there is shared library support but not significant testing include FreeBSD, OpenBSD, AIX (4.3.3), Linux, NetBSD 1.4.x (i386), and SunOS 4.x.

To enable shared libraries on the above platforms, run the configure script with the option --enable-shared.