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A.1.2 Kerberos V5 Database Library Error Codes

This is the Kerberos v5 database library error code table.

  1. KRB5_KDB_RCSID: (RCS Id string for the kdb error table)
  2. KRB5_KDB_INUSE: Entry already exists in database
  3. KRB5_KDB_UK_SERROR: Database store error
  4. KRB5_KDB_UK_RERROR: Database read error
  5. KRB5_KDB_UNAUTH: Insufficient access to perform requested operation
  6. KRB5_KDB_NOENTRY: No such entry in the database
  7. KRB5_KDB_ILL_WILDCARD: Illegal use of wildcard
  8. KRB5_KDB_DB_INUSE: Database is locked or in use–try again later
  9. KRB5_KDB_DB_CHANGED: Database was modified during read
  10. KRB5_KDB_TRUNCATED_RECORD: Database record is incomplete or corrupted
  11. KRB5_KDB_RECURSIVELOCK: Attempt to lock database twice
  12. KRB5_KDB_NOTLOCKED: Attempt to unlock database when not locked
  13. KRB5_KDB_BADLOCKMODE: Invalid kdb lock mode
  14. KRB5_KDB_DBNOTINITED: Database has not been initialized
  15. KRB5_KDB_DBINITED: Database has already been initialized
  16. KRB5_KDB_ILLDIRECTION: Bad direction for converting keys
  17. KRB5_KDB_NOMASTERKEY: Cannot find master key record in database
  18. KRB5_KDB_BADMASTERKEY: Master key does not match database
  19. KRB5_KDB_INVALIDKEYSIZE: Key size in database is invalid
  20. KRB5_KDB_CANTREAD_STORED: Cannot find/read stored master key
  21. KRB5_KDB_BADSTORED_MKEY: Stored master key is corrupted
  22. KRB5_KDB_CANTLOCK_DB: Insufficient access to lock database
  23. KRB5_KDB_DB_CORRUPT: Database format error
  24. KRB5_KDB_BAD_VERSION: Unsupported version in database entry
  25. KRB5_KDB_BAD_SALTTYPE: Unsupported salt type
  26. KRB5_KDB_BAD_ENCTYPE: Unsupported encryption type
  27. KRB5_KDB_BAD_CREATEFLAGS: Bad database creation flags
  28. KRB5_KDB_NO_PERMITTED_KEY: No matching key in entry having a permitted enc type
  29. KRB5_KDB_NO_MATCHING_KEY: No matching key in entry