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The [domain_realm] section provides a translation from a domain name or hostname to a Kerberos realm name. The tag name can be a host name, or a domain name, where domain names are indicated by a prefix of a period (.). The value of the relation is the Kerberos realm name for that particular host or domain. Host names and domain names should be in lower case.

If no translation entry applies, the host's realm is considered to be the hostname's domain portion converted to upper case. For example, the following [domain_realm] section:


maps into the TEST.ATHENA.MIT.EDU realm. All other hosts in the domain will map by default to the ATHENA.MIT.EDU realm, and all hosts in the domain will map by default into the EXAMPLE.COM realm. Note the entries for the hosts and Without these entries, these hosts would be mapped into the Kerberos realms EDU and ORG, respectively.