MIT Kerberos Documentation

krb5_fwd_tgt_creds - Get a forwarded TGT and format a KRB-CRED message.

krb5_error_code krb5_fwd_tgt_creds(krb5_context context, krb5_auth_context auth_context, const char * rhost, krb5_principal client, krb5_principal server, krb5_ccache cc, int forwardable, krb5_data * outbuf)

[in] context - Library context

[in] auth_context - Authentication context

[in] rhost - Remote host

[in] client - Client principal of TGT

[in] server - Principal of server to receive TGT

[in] cc - Credential cache handle (NULL to use default)

[in] forwardable - Whether TGT should be forwardable

[out] outbuf - KRB-CRED message

  • 0 Success
  • ENOMEM Insufficient memory
  • KRB5_PRINC_NOMATCH Requested principal and ticket do not match
  • KRB5_NO_TKT_SUPPLIED Request did not supply a ticket
  • KRB5_CC_BADNAME Credential cache name or principal name malformed
  • Kerberos error codes

Get a TGT for use at the remote host rhost and format it into a KRB-CRED message. If rhost is NULL and server is of type #KRB5_NT_SRV_HST, the second component of server will be used.