MIT Kerberos Documentation

krb5_cc_select - Select a credential cache to use with a server principal.

krb5_error_code krb5_cc_select(krb5_context context, krb5_principal server, krb5_ccache * cache_out, krb5_principal * princ_out)

[in] context - Library context

[in] server - Server principal

[out] cache_out - Credential cache handle

[out] princ_out - Client principal

  • If an appropriate cache is found, 0 is returned, cache_out is set to the selected cache, and princ_out is set to the default principal of that cache.

Select a cache within the collection containing credentials most appropriate for use with server , according to configured rules and heuristics.

Use krb5_cc_close() to release cache_out when it is no longer needed. Use krb5_free_principal() to release princ_out when it is no longer needed. Note that princ_out is set in some error conditions.

If the appropriate client principal can be authoritatively determined but the cache collection contains no credentials for that principal, then KRB5_CC_NOTFOUND is returned, cache_out is set to NULL, and princ_out is set to the appropriate client principal.

If no configured mechanism can determine the appropriate cache or principal, KRB5_CC_NOTFOUND is returned and cache_out and princ_out are set to NULL.

Any other error code indicates a fatal error in the processing of a cache selection mechanism.


New in 1.10