MIT Kerberos Documentation

Organization of the source directory

Below is a brief overview of the organization of the complete source directory. More detailed descriptions follow.

appl Kerberos application client and server programs
ccapi Credential cache services
clients Kerberos V5 user programs (See User commands)
config Configure scripts
config-files Sample Kerberos configuration files
include include files needed to build the Kerberos system
kadmin Administrative interface to the Kerberos database: kadmin, kdb5_util, ktutil.
kdc Kerberos V5 Authentication Service and Key Distribution Center
lib Libraries for use with/by Kerberos V5
plugins Kerberos plugins directory
po Localization infrastructure
prototype Templates files containing the MIT copyright message and a placeholder for the title and description of the file.
kprop Utilities for propagating the database to replica KDCs kprop and kpropd
tests Test suite
util Various utilities for building/configuring the code, sending bug reports, etc.
windows Source code for building Kerberos V5 on Windows (see windows/README)


The lib directory contain several subdirectories as well as some definition and glue files.

  • The apputils directory contains the code for the generic network servicing.
  • The crypto subdirectory contains the Kerberos V5 encryption library.
  • The gssapi library contains the Generic Security Services API, which is a library of commands to be used in secure client-server communication.
  • The kadm5 directory contains the libraries for the KADM5 administration utilities.
  • The Kerberos 5 database libraries are contained in kdb.
  • The krb5 directory contains Kerberos 5 API.
  • The rpc directory contains the API for the Kerberos Remote Procedure Call protocol.


The util directory contains several utility programs and libraries.
  • the programs used to configure and build the code, such as autoconf, lndir, kbuild, reconf, and makedepend, are in this directory.
  • the profile directory contains most of the functions which parse the Kerberos configuration files (krb5.conf and kdc.conf).
  • the Kerberos error table library and utilities (et);
  • the Sub-system library and utilities (ss);
  • database utilities (db2);
  • pseudo-terminal utilities (pty);
  • bug-reporting program send-pr;
  • a generic support library support used by several of our other libraries;
  • the build infrastructure for building lightweight Kerberos client (collected-client-lib)
  • the tool for validating Kerberos configuration files (confvalidator);
  • the toolkit for kernel integrators for building krb5 code subsets (gss-kernel-lib);
  • source code for building Kerberos V5 on MacOS (mac)
  • Windows getopt operations (windows)