Get Tickets

Before you can access services that use Kerberos for authentication, you must obtain a Kerberos ticket. If your company uses RSA SecurID to control access to Kerberos, you will be prompted to enter your SecurID password after you request a ticket.

To get a ticket:

  1. Click the Get Ticket button in the Home tab or use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + t].
  2. Your principal is your user name combined with the Kerberos realm you are part of. For example, jdoe@SALES.WIDGET.COM. Enter your principal. Principals you have previously entered and saved will auto-complete.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. To save this principal so Kerberos will auto-complete it for you in the future, select the "Remember this principal" checkbox. If you have multiple principals, Kerberos can remember all of them.
  5. To verify or change ticket settings, click Show Advanced at the bottom of the window and then make any necessary changes.
  6. About: Ticket Settings and Flags
  7. Click Okay.

    If your company uses RSA SecurID, a popup window will open requiring you to enter your SecurID password. Enter that password (your PIN plus the code currently displayed on your RSA SecurID token) and click Okay.

Your new ticket is listed in the main window.

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