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Global Operations on the Kerberos Database

The kdb5_util command is the primary tool for administrating the Kerberos database. The syntax is:

     kdb5_util command [kdb5_util_options] [command_options]

The kdb5_util command takes the following options, which override the defaults specified in the configuration files:

-r realm
specifies the the Kerberos realm of the database.
-d database_name
specifies the name under which the principal database is stored.
-k master_key_type
specifies the key type of the master key in the database.
-M master_key_name
specifies the principal name of the master key in the database.
indicates that the master database password should be read from the TTY rather than fetched from a file on disk.
-sf stash_file
specifies the stash file of the master database password
-P password
specifies the master database password. MIT does not recommend using this option.