krb5_kdc_sign_ticket - Sign a PAC, possibly including a ticket signature.

krb5_error_code krb5_kdc_sign_ticket(krb5_context context, krb5_enc_tkt_part *enc_tkt, const krb5_pac pac, krb5_const_principal server_princ, krb5_const_principal client_princ, const krb5_keyblock *server, const krb5_keyblock *privsvr, krb5_boolean with_realm)

[in] context - Library context

[in] enc_tkt - The ticket for the signature

[in] pac - PAC handle

[in] server_princ - Canonical ticket server name

[in] client_princ - PAC_CLIENT_INFO principal (or NULL)

[in] server - Key for server checksum

[in] privsvr - Key for KDC and ticket checksum

[in] with_realm - If true, include the realm of principal

  • 0 on success, otherwise - Kerberos error codes

Sign pac using the keys server and privsvr . Include a ticket signature over enc_tkt if server_princ is not a TGS or kadmin/changepw principal name. Add the signed PAC’s encoding to the authorization data of enc_tkt in the first slot, wrapped in an AD-IF-RELEVANT container. If client_princ is non-null, add a PAC_CLIENT_INFO buffer, including the realm if with_realm is true.


New in 1.20