Kerberos 5 NT Alpha 2 Snapshot

The MIT Kerberos team announces the release of the NT Alpha 2 Snapshot. This snapshot is intended for developers only; we will be shortly (within a month) releasing a 1.0 patchlevel 1 release to fix the most important bugs found in the Kerberos V5 1.0 release. Production users are advised to wait for patchlevel 1.

The updated Windows NT code now has the GSSAPI library and GSS test applications working. Furthremore the Krb5 DLL has been separated into multiple DLL files, for ease of maintenance.

The following known problems still remain:

Note that we are continueing to work on this release on an on-going basis, so if you plan to be doing any Kerberos/Windows NT work, you should contact us at, so that we can more properly coordinate our work. NT support has been folded in to the mainline release and will definitely be part of the next major release.

This NT ALPHA 2 snapshot may also be used by developers only to evaluate our new Unix shared library build architecture. It has been significantly revamped since the 1.0 release, to make it easier to support new architectures. The snapshot should have shared library support for the following architectures: AIX 3.x, Linux, NetBSD/i386, NetBSD/pmax, OSF/1, Solaris 2.4. Patches for other architectures are welcome.

To obtain the NT Alpha 2 snapshot, click here and fill out the form.

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