What I'm Up To

My name is still Beth Kevles. I live with my family in Chevy Chase, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC, in Montgomery County. I used to have cats. Now I have a husband and two children. My husband, David Salzman, is building a venture capital financed optoelectronics company called LightSpin Technologies, Inc.

Our first son, Michael Salzman, was born in 1995. Michael has it in his genes to become a great chef. He loves to hear stories. He used to want to be an artist when he grew up, but now he'd prefer to be a weatherman, since they get to put stickers wherever they want on the wall.

Our other son, Joel, was born in 1997. He's got an amazing ear for music, and is quite talented with magic markers, as well. He plans to be a super-hero when he grows up, and is practicing already. We predict a career in demolition.

1995 was the last time I had time to breathe: Phylogeny recapitulates gastronomy. My apologies to all those who haven't heard from me since then. I do try to keep my Eating Without Casein Web page up to date when I can.

When not taking care of the family, I spend my time on Training Blitz, Inc, a consulting company I founded in October 1998. My goal is to provide computer training and support on a part-time basis, so I can spend the rest of my time playing with my kids and growing tomatoes (in season).

My brother Jonathan is Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles. Yes, that Los Angeles. He is in charge of Economic Development for Mayor Hahn.

My parents are both academics. They have moved to Yale after 3 1/2 decades at Caltech. My father, Daniel Kevles, is the Stanley Woodward Professor of History at Yale.

My other, Bettyann Holtzmann Kevles, is a science writer. She teaches at Yale in her spare time. Her latest book, Almost Heaven: The Story of Women in Space, will be published by Perseus books in 2003. Demand a copy from your local bookstore.

My husband's parents are both retired . When they were working, David's father was a Professor of Surgery at Harvard and Deputy Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, and his mother was an architectural preservationist.

My husband has two brothers. Andy runs a pharmaceutical company, and Jim teaches law at Duke. They have adorable children: Natalie and Nedira (in 1997 with me and Michael) and Ben and Jamie. Ben and Jamie (sides) are Michael's age (in the center).