Anna Folinsky

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I have a firm belief in short sentences.

I am a fifth year chemistry type graduate student at Caltech, where I work for Nate Lewis. I graduated from MIT in 2002. I live in the House of Spiders, although I never call it that. I'm on my fifth roommate and second cat while living there. When I first got to Caltech I lived in the catalina apartments, one of the graduate housing options at. It was ok, I guess. I lived other places before that, too. I also seem to have done some work in the last few years. I received my degree in Course 9, Brain and Cognitive Science. I also received a minor in Course 5, Chemistry. Chemistry rocks (well, you might have guessed I thought this after the first part of this paragraph. meh). I come from Los Angeles. There are photos on my computer, dys.

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