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I had some jobs while at MIT and over the most recent summer (2003). I did occasional freelance grunge work at High Output, a theatrical lighting supply shop, both doing crap in the shop until they moved out to Canton, and also going to gigs to be a "highly trained" electrician.. I also seem to have done something or another for Metacarta, but it's a s3kkr1t (all hail amittai and yak for hooking me up the work though!). At least they finally paid me. I worked for Professor Joseph Sadighi, under the auspices of the UROP program, in the Department of Alchemy (otherwise known as the Department of Chemistry) until June 2002, gaining the experience and the recommendation that likely got me into grad school (because I certainly don't feel otherwise prepared....). I also used to work for this fellow named Max, who is really cool, as a UROP doing research into facial recognition. Max is going to be starting as a professor at Georgetown , or something, this fall, so go him.

Wed Sep 10 13:12:08 EDT 2003