Transformation of XL-1 Blue Cells (Home-grown) (MSKC)
Adapted from Quiagen

1. Thaw cells on ice
2. Add 50 µL of cells to a pre-chilled falcon 2059 tube
3. Add 1 µL of DNA to tube. Mix gently.
4. Allow to incubate on ice for 30 minutes.
5. Preheat sufficient quantity of LB broth to 42°C
6. Heat-pulse the transformation reactions for 45 seconds at 42°C
7. Recover on ice for 2 minutes
8. Add 500 µL of broth to each reaction tube and incubate shaking at 37°C.
9. Plate 300 µL of cells on pre-warmed LB/Amp plate.
10. Allow to grow overnight at 37°C