After 11 seasons, The Silverwood Trio has given it's final concert. As much as we love playing together, family and job constraints finally took it's toll and we have disbanded. BUT the trio may be resurrected with some new personnel.

To all our friends and supporters through the years: Thank you.

CDs are still available.

Our CD, titled In This World, is available at:
Check them out, they have soundclips from the CD! In This World is a song cycle composed by Paul Hoffman using text from the novel, Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. Featured on WGBH, Boston and WQED, Pittsburgh.

View the CD program.
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The Silverwood Trio
(Photo by Roselyn Woolley)

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Program notes from past concerts

The Silverwood Trio, Cindy Woolley, flute/soprano, Walter Halvorsen, cello and Paul Hoffman, piano, was an innovative, Boston-based Classical music group offering the varied colorations of instruments and voice. The Trio's repertoire covered a wide a range of styles of Classical music from the Baroque to Contemporary, including original compositions by Paul Hoffman. Audiences praised the Silverwood Trio's performances as, "sheer magic," "wonderful music," and "a rare and wonderful treat on a warm summer night or anytime!"

Our program for Fall 2007 was:

Il chiostro di S.Croce by Theodor Koehler. This was the AMERICAN PREMIER of his one movement work for flute, cello and piano written in 1998. A quiet and solemn work expressing the atmosphere of an Italian Renaissance cloister.

L'Amero. An aria by W.A. Mozart from his opera Il re pastore, arranged for soprano, cello and piano, declaring the joys of a constant, faithful love.

Siciliana e Burlesca for flute, cello and piano by Alfredo Casella. An Impressionistic trio written in 1914 with influences of Faure, Ravel and early Stravinsky.

Trio, op 45 by Louise Farrenc. A Romantic era work by a leading female composer and concert pianist of her day - praised by the likes of Robert Schumann.

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Program Notes.


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Program for our CD titled "In This World":

Trio (1944) by Bohuslav Martinu

Poco Allegretto
Andante-Allegretto scherzando

In This World (2000) by Paul Hoffman*

Suppose time is a circle
In this world, time has three dimensions
Imagine a world where there is no time; only images
Imagine a world in which people live just one day
In this world, time is a visible dimension
The Great Clock in the Temple of Time

Sonata de Camera, op. 48 (1927) by Gabriel Pierné


Ostinaughty (1996) by Paul Hoffman


*Adapted from the book Einstein's Dreams ©1993 by Alan Lightman. Published by Pantheon Books, NY. Used by permission of the Author, c/o Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents, Inc. All rights reserved.
[Read the book, it's great!]

Funded in part by a grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT.

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