Current Research


Broadly based research related to electromechanics, specifically rotating electric machines and electric power systems. Some topics approached recently include:


Design of squirrel cage rotors with high conductivity material: Cast copper gives the opportunity to improve the performance of integral horsepower induction motors, if the profile of rotor conductors is right.

Vehicle Technology: Application of advanced electrical engineering techniques to automobiles can make for more efficient, reliable and higher performing vehicles. Induction motors for vehicle drive, variable reluctance and permanent magnet drive motors and starter/generators; development of intelligent charging couplings for electric cars.

Electric Ship: Electric propulsion and advanced distribution systems will accommodate advanced weapons technologies and make for improved flexibility and reduced crew size. We are devising ship design techniques through architectural and simulation models and considering propulsion systems, including permanent magnet and induction motors, modular, podded propulsors and contra-rotating motor/propulsor combinations.

Electric Distribution Systems: Design techniques for optimizing distribution systems for efficiency, reliability through reconfigurability (‘self healing’).

Energy Storage: For making electric power systems work more efficiently: short term storage for providing ancillary services and for accommodating renewable generation.

Microgrids: Can microgrids provide more reliable power and accommodate distributed generation?