Professional Experience (Outside of MIT)

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zuerich
Visting Professor, September 1993 - June 1994 (While on Sabbatical Leave from MIT).
Satcon Technology Corporation
Director since June, 1992
Vice President and General Manager, Technology Center, (1998-2000) (on leave from MIT) General management of the principal technology resource of the corporation, including approximately 60 professionals. Management of externally funded research projects including Small Business Innovative Research grants, internal and external design and development projects.
Vice President and Chief Scientist (2000 - 2004) Individual projects and advice to corporate management (part time as consistent with MIT responsibilities).
Consultant since 1985. Participated in the design of the generators, energy storage machines and drive motor for the Patriot race car. Preliminary and detailed electromagnetic design for Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) Preliminary electromagnetic design for a number of other projects.
General Electric Company
Large Steam-Turbine Generator Department, Schenectady, New York, September, 1974 through September, 1975. (While on Leave of Absence from MIT). Analysis for design purposes of very large generator rotors, including excitation requirements, unbalanced current capability and torsional vibrations. Some assistance with trouble-shooting, including field testing of generators.
Raytheon Corporation
Research Division (Waltham, MA) and Machlett Laboratories (Stamford CT). September, 1965 through August 1971, several periods of time interspersed with academic work at MIT. Internship student employee, Associate Research Scientist and Senior Research Scientist. Analytical and experimental research related to magnetron type microwave tubes.