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Paper Authors and Discussants

Andrew Ang (Colombia University, Business School):

David Backus (New York University, Stern School):

Marianne Baxter (Boston University, Economics Department):

Barry Bosworth (Brookings Institution):

Robin Brooks (International Monetary Fund):

John Campbell (Harvard, Economics Dept.):

Anusha Chari (Univ. of Chicago, Business School):

Menzie Chinn (U. of California at Santa Cruz, Econ. Dept.):

Marco Del Negro (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta):

Kathryn Dominguez (Michigan, School of Public Policy):

Hali Edison (International Monetary Fund):

Robert Flood (International Monetary Fund):

Kristin Forbes (MIT, Sloan School of Management):

Gaston Gelos (International Monetary Fund):

William Goetzmann (Yale, School of Management):

John Griffin (Arizona State, Business School):

Philipp Hartmann (European Central Bank):

Jean Imbs (London Business School):

Steven Kamin (Federal Reserve Board):

Graciela Kaminsky (George Washington, Economics Dept.):

G. Andrew Karolyi (Ohio State, Fisher College of Business):

M. Ahyan Kose (International Monetary Fund):

Kan Li (University of Alberta, Business School):

Lingfeng Li (Yale University, Economics Department):

Prakash Loungani (International Monetary Fund):

Paolo Mauro (International Monetary Fund):

Ashoka Mody (International Monetary Fund):

Randall Morck (University of Alberta, Business School):

Frederico Nardari (Arizona State, Business School):

Christopher Otrok (University of Virginia, Economics Dept.):

Fabrizio Perri (New York University, Stern School):

Eswar Prasad (International Monetary Fund):

Assaf Rasin (Tel Aviv University, Economics Department):

Carmen Reinhart (International Monetary Fund):

Vincent Reinhart (Federal Reserve Board):

Andy Rose (Univ. of California at Berkeley, Haas School):

K. Geert Rouwenhorst (Yale, School of Management): 

Sergio Schmukler (World Bank):

Alan Stockman (Univ. of Rochester, Economics Dept.):

Rene Stulz (Ohio State, Fisher College of Business):

Linda Tesar (University of Michigan, Economics Department):

Franck Warnock (Federal Reserve Board):     

Shang-Jin Wei (International Monetary Fund):    

Charles Whiteman (University of Iowa, Economics Dept.):   

Yishay Yafeh (Hebrew University):

Fan Yang (University of Alberta, Business School):

Bernard Yeung (New York University):