Kamrin Group
Continuum modeling from solids to fluids

.  Continuum Thermomechanics of the Nonlocal Granular Rheology
   David Henann and Ken Kamrin
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   Pierre Six and Ken Kamrin
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   Ken Kamrin, Chris H. Rycroft, and Jean-Christophe Nave
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Nonlocal Constitutive Relation for Steady Granular Flow
   Ken Kamrin and Georg Koval
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Soft Catenaries
   Ken Kamrin and L. Mahadevan
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   Ken Kamrin and Howard A. Stone
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Nonlinear Elasto-Plastic Model for Dense Granular Flow
   Ken Kamrin
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Assessing Continuum Postulates in Simulations of Granular Flow
   Chris H. Rycroft, Ken Kamrin, Martin Z. Bazant
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Stochastic and Deterministic Models for Dense Granular Flow
   Ken Kamrin, Phd Thesis, MIT, June 2008

The Stochastic Flow Rule: A Multi-Scale Model for Granular Plasticity
   Ken Kamrin, Chris H. Rycroft, and Martin Z. Bazant
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Stochastic Flow Rule for Granular Materials
   Ken Kamrin and Martin Z. Bazant
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Two-Temperature Continuum Thermomechanics of Deforming Amorphous Solids
   Ken Kamrin and Eran Bouchbinder

Continuum Modeling of Mechanically-Induced Creep in Dense Granular Materials
   David Henann and Ken Kamrin

.  Symmetry Relations In Vicoplastic Drag Laws
   Ken Kamrin and Joe D. Goddard

Modeling the Nonlocal Behavior of Granular Flows Inclines
   Ken Kamrin and David Henann

.  Mathematical Modeling of the Growth of Crack Pairs: The En-Passant Problem
   Ramin Ghelichi and Ken Kamrin

.  Eulerian Method for Fluid-Solid Interaction and Submerged Solid-Solid Contact Problems
   Boris Valkov, Chris H. Rycroft, and Ken Kamrin
   (In preparation)

.  Simulation Method for Highly-Deforming Granular Media through Various Consolidations
   Sachith Dunatunga and Ken Kamrin
   (In preparation)

.  Modeling of Anisotropic Conductivity in Suspension Networks
   Tyler Olsen and Ken Kamrin
   (In preparation)