Keeling Flight Hardware, Ltd.

Keeling Flight Hardware, Ltd. is a Massachusetts corporation that provides design, research, and educational services in the fields of analog electronics and control systems for companies, universities, and government organizations.

The name "flight hardware" comes from an engineering expression meaning "ready to go". We will work with you to provide complete ready-to-go solutions for your needs.


  • Design, analysis, and evaluation of analog circuits and systems, hybrid (analog/digital) circuits, and control systems.

  • Technical seminars on analog circuit design (bipolar and/or CMOS), feedback control systems, and analog/digital conversion.

  • Historical and prior-art research.

  • Acquisition of rare manuscripts and technical books, for example,

  • Vintage oscilloscope repair.

  • Custom analog music synthesizers and guitar effects pedals.

Research Publications

Kent H. Lundberg and Taylor W. Barton, "History of inverted-pendulum systems," in IFAC Advances in Control Education, Kumamoto, Japan, October 2009.

Kent H. Lundberg, Haynes R. Miller, and David L. Trumper. "Initial conditions, generalized functions, and the Laplace transform: Troubles at the origin." IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol. 27, no. 1, February 2007.

Tim Denison, Jinbo Kuang, John Shafran, Michael Judy, and Kent Lundberg. "A self-resonant MEMS-based electrostatic field sensor with 4V/m/rtHz sensitivity." IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, San Francisco, February 2006.

Kent H. Lundberg. "History of Analog Computing." IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 22--28, June 2005.


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Keeling Flight Hardware, Ltd.
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