Notes on Feedback Systems

Kent Lundberg's Notes on Feedback Systems will be the primary reference for 6.302 Feedback Systems this term (Spring 2008).

Copies of these notes will be handed out in lecture (the notes will not be posted to the web; if you miss a handout, please contact a TA).


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Supplementary Material

Old lecture videos, animations to demonstrate and clarify some of the concepts, and color versions of some of the figures that didn't print well. (The sections listed in parentheses refer to the accompanying reading in the notes.)

By Chapter:

  1. Introduction
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Modeling and Responses
  4. Stability
  5. Root-Locus Method
  6. Nyquist Criterion
  7. Frequency-Domain Analysis
  8. The Big Picture



These notes are for MIT 6.302 students only.

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