The Year is not 2k4

In engineering, the construction "2k4" is often used as an abbreviation for "2.4k", meaning "two thousand, four hundred" (2400). This construction replaces the decimal point with an SI exponent abbreviation to save space. Similarly, "2M2" would be an abbreviation for the number 2,200,000 and "3m3" would be an abbreviation for the fraction 0.0033.

Unfortunately, some people use "2k4" as an abbreviation for the current year, 2004. This usage is dead wrong. We all got excited when we figured out that we could abbreviate the year 2000 as "Y2k," but it's over now. There is no longer a short and clever abbreviation for the current year: we're just going to have to write out all four digits. "2k4" and "2k5" won't be here for centuries.

Some people argue that "2k4" can be pronounced "two thousand four," so it is an acceptable written abbreviation. Eye sea they're point, butt its still knot correct.

Please, help stamp out the incorrect use of 2k4! And don't start using 2k5. Think of the children.

Kent Lundberg
Written June 30, 2002
Updated January 20, 2003
Updated January 5, 2004