My Students Hate Me

Well, no, not really.

Over the past ten years, I have taught three courses at MIT as lecturer and recitation instructor:

Solid State Circuits (6.301). Transistor circuits from the common-emitter amplifier to op amps, multipliers, references, and high speed logic. High-frequency analysis and design techniques. Open-circuit time constants, translinear principle, charge control model.

Feedback Systems (6.302). Linear systems, block diagrams, and op-amp circuits. Root locus, Nyquist, Hall, Nichols, and Bode. Compensation techniques. Internal and external compensation of operational amplifiers. Servomechanisms, power coverters, and thermal systems.

Advanced Circuit Techniques (6.331). Sample-and-hold circuits, digital-to-analog converters, analog-to-digital converters, high-speed amplifiers, power conversion, and phase-lock loops.

The following quotes are from the student-written reviews in the Underground Guide to Course 6 produced by Eta Kappa Nu.

6.331 Fall 2009

Kent Lundberg was loved by the students in his section. He gave clear explanations of a great volume of material.

6.331 Fall 2007

Kent Lundberg knew his stuff cold. He always came to class prepared and full of energy. Rumors indicate that he listens to punk rock.

6.331 Spring 2006

No evaluation.

6.302 Fall 2004

The class had no official textbook but a set of notes by Dr. Kent Lundberg was distributed to the students. Many students thought these notes were excellent and were better than many textbooks they had read. The notes were clear and helpful.

6.331 Spring 2004

Recitation Instructor K. Lundberg was praised for his clear recitations and his organized handouts, which were, for most students, extremely valuable for understanding the material. Student quote: "[Lundberg's] recitations were the most educational part of the class, very well prepared and enthusiastic."

6.301 Spring 2004

Recitation Instructor K. Lundberg was passionate about the subject and great at motivating students to learn the material well. He was excellent at breaking down the material in his recitations, and was always able to clearly explain concepts. The only negative thing some students said was that he sometimes went a little fast. Student quote: "Kent Lundberg: Nothing but compliments."

6.302 Fall 2003

Recitation Instructor K. Lundberg did an excellent job in recitations; his enthusiasm and energy were well noted by students. His presentation of material was described as fantastic, clear, and well-prepared, but he tended to move rapidly through topics. When dealing with students one-on-one on grading issues, he received very harsh criticism for his no partial credit policy.

6.301 Spring 2003

Lecturer K. Lundberg was well-liked and almost universally praised for his clarity and mastery of the material. However, most students also felt that he focused too much on the details and the math and wished he had given them more intuition instead.

6.302 Fall 2002

Lecturer K. Lundberg was clear, informative, very well prepared, and enthusiastic. He was also very approachable and gave a clear impression that he cared about the students and the material. The spoken part of lectures followed the notes very closely; some found this useful, others boring. The notes themselves were useful but would be even more useful if they were available on the website for download, particularly if one missed a class. Lundberg would go a little too fast at times, but overall he kept a good pace.

6.331 Spring 2002

Recitation instructor K. Lundberg was considered an excellent teacher, well organized, very knowledgable, "crisp and clear."

6.302 Fall 2000

Nearly all the students felt Recitation Instructor K. Lundberg was an excellent teacher who was very enthusiastic and conveyed the ideas clearly. His recitation notes were very helpful.

6.331 Spring 2000

Recitation Instructor K. Lundberg generally received favorable reviews from his students. He gave good lectures, though he sometimes went too fast and did too much math. However, he was quite knowledgeable and thorough in his presentation of the material.

6.302 Fall 1998

Recitation instructor K. Lundberg also received overwhelmingly positive comments from students. "Kent knows the material solidly and is able to shore up lectures." Students praised his energetic presentation of the material and his easy availability outside of class.

6.301 Spring 1998

Recitation instructor K. Lundberg was very nearly deified by his disciples. His recitations were lively, thorough, very relevant to the course material, and included his own notes. The recitations cover a lot of material. He moved swiftly, clearly, and surely through all of the material that needed to be covered. Only a few students wished that the pace would have been a bit slower.

6.331 Spring 1998

Recitation Instructor K. Lundberg is very clear and organized. He teaches material relevant to completing the assignments, and answers questions well. He is a difficult instructor as he adheres to the, as one student puts it, "sink-or-swim" style of teaching: he does not provide much help outside of class. One student feels that K. Lundberg is overworked as he is also the recitation instructor for 6.301 which may account the lack of availability outside of class.

6.301 Spring 1997

Recitation instructor K. Lundberg was universally praised. Students found recitations an excellent resource for learning the material.

6.971 Spring 1997

Lecturer K. Lundberg explained the material clearly.

6.331 Spring 1996

Recitation instructor K. Lundberg was unexpectedly good and organized. He was described as a believer in the "throw them in the deep end to make them learn how to swim" methodology. Some students felt that he presented too much information in recitation.

6.331 Spring 1994

K. Lundberg, the TA and recitation instructor, was also highly praised. Students felt he was knowledgeable, available, concise, and thorough. A few students complained that he had a somewhat belligerent style. Others wished he would cover material that was more relevant to the problem sets.

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