Things that are wrongs with your browser

It's not this webpage that's screwed up, it's your browser!

This page looks ridiculous in Netscape Navigator AND Internet Explorer.

The blink tag

This Netscape tag gets top billing because I hate it the most. It is the crown jewel of shit. Is there anything more annoying than text that blinks? Do you really need text that blinks in order to draw my attention? Shouldn't you just consider rewriting your web page to emphasize the important part? Well, then, that's the problem isn't it? You use the blink tag because you don't know how to write.

<blink> All your text goes here. Blink on, dude! </blink>

Real comments

Unreadable fonts

Microsoft assumes that everybody on the web is running Windows (or soon will be), thus they should have all Windows "features", such as fonts. Like Wingdings. I love Wingdings. I think that more people should typeset their entire web pages with Wingdings, don't you?

<font face="Wingdings"> All your text goes here. </font>

The marquee tag

What the hell was Microsoft thinking when they invented the MARQUEE tag? Perhaps it is meant as a tribute to Windows screensavers. Or maybe the were trying to come up with something more annoying than Netscape's blink tag. Well, I think that the marquee tag is a valiant effort.

<marquee loop=infinite direction=right> Put your text here. Put entire paragraphs here. Put War and Peace here. The entire paragraph scrolls by, as a single line, so the more the better! </marquee>

White-on-white text

Should I really be able to set the background color and the text color to be the same? Why, why, why would I ever want to do that? Shouldn't I be able to easily reset the page to a default color scheme? (Yes I know that I can just highlight the text using my mouse, but I shouldn't have to.)

It is arguable that eye-hurting color schemes, such as green-on-orange, are worse than the simply annoying white-on-white, but I'm not so sure.

<font color="#ffffff"> All your text goes here. </font>

Bad links

Be sure to click on all these links! Some of them are really fun! Ask yourself: should a malformed web link really be able to crash your browser? And if it can, do you then want your browser to be tightly integrated with your operating system?

Incomplete tables

This text is inside of a table without a closing tag. Older version of Netscape don't render this text correctly.