Feuillet's Balet de neuf Danseurs (group sections)

Links to animated floor plans: These animations were created for a presentation at the Society of Dance History Scholars conference, June 2002. The ending of the canary was subsequently revised on the basis of observations made by dancers at a workshop I taught in Alfortville, France, in Dec. 2004: rather than arriving in a line, the dancers make a shallow V, in pairs. I am grateful to the workshop participants for their help. -- Ken Pierce
(Animations copyright Ken Pierce 2002, 2007.)

Choreographic Structure in Dances by Feuillet

Here is a link to a pdf version of the paper that the animations accompanied:

Ken Pierce, "Choreographic Structure in Dances by Feuillet", in Proceedings Society of Dance History Scholars, 2002.
(Copyright Ken Pierce 2002.)