Favorite links: These are a few sites I have discovered that seem to me informative or helpful.

Slate : OK, I'm biased. But I really do think that it beats any of its print equivalents hands down for political and cultural commentary, not to mention several really great economics commentators.

Asia crisis homepage : Nouriel Roubini maintains this amazing site. Follow not just the events but the big intellectual debates more or less in real time.

Brad De Long's home page : A great set of readings and links; check out in particular his book-in-progress on the economic history of the century.

David Warsh's column : Sometimes it's local Boston political commentary, of interest only to people here; but sometimes it's the one best place to see economics more or less from the inside.

Network externalities : Nicholas Economides maintains this site, which is the best reference for the real issues (as opposed to the bogus ones) surrounding Microsoft and all that.

Foreign labor statistics home page : For those who have tired of fact-free discussions of the global economy, here's a great site for data - especially on wages and per capita incomes.

Glenn Loury's writingsThoughtful essays, mainly on the economics and politics of racial inequality, and the difficult position of an intellectual who cannot accept comfortable orthodoxies left or right

 Samuel Brittan's website : The dean of economic commentators, as sharp as ever. A great addition to the web.

 Meghbarta : I just learned about this site via email: a Bangladeshi webzine. Read it for a genuine Third World take on issues like child labor and immigration - a powerful corrective to the self-righteousness of First World NGOs.

hxxp://www.world-of-dawkins.com [link removed] The world of Richard Dawkins: It went offline for a while there; but it's back, and it's great browsing for those of us who are into evolutionary psych and all that.

 The euro homepage : I found it through the Asia crisis page, but this is a whole continent onto itself. I still think the euro was at best irrelevant to the big European issues, but it exists and raises a lot of interesting questions.