Spaces that Perform Themselves

After completing the MIT Media Lab MAS First-Year program, I began working as an undergraduate researcher under Nicole L'Huillier on her thesis project, Spaces That Perform Themselves, at Opera of the Future led by Professor Tod Machover.

01 Multisensory Interaction

Building on the understanding of music and architecture as creators of spatial experience, this thesis presents a novel way of unfolding music’s spatial qualities in the physical world. Spaces That Perform Themselves exposes an innovative response to the current relationship between sound and space: where we build static spaces to contain dynamic sounds. What if we change the static parameter of the spaces and start building dynamic spaces to contain dynamic sounds?

02 Undergraduate Researcher


I assisted in the development of various multimodal hardware and software components that went into developing the cube. I helped program the choreography and movement of the multi-sensory kinetic installation, including the mechanical, sonic, and visual systems.


Project was completed by the end of my UROP internship, and demoed during Members Week.


Nicole L'Huillier, primary researcher

Kevin Shum, Gabriel Li, and other UROP students


Human-Computer Interaction
Multimodal Interaction: Visual, Audio, Sonic, Touch
Ableton Live
Arduino, Microcontrollers & Electronics