Summer 2018 — I interned in the Azure Portal team, working on backend and deployment systems for Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform.

I also took part in OneWeek, Microsoft's flagship global hackathon and designed OneBoarding, a streamlined onboarding platform designed to empower all new hires.

01 OneBoarding

Problem Statement

As interns, we only have a limited amount of time over the summer to make a tangible impact. Currently, onboarding is frustrating.

We envision a more seamless experience – one that is efficient, accessible, and intuitive.

Issues: Wasted Resources & Opportunity

The new hire feels ready to make an impact faster because he/she feels part of the team and company.

The team doesn’t have to spend as much manpower and time onboarding the new employee.

Solution: Efficient, Inclusive Onboarding

We are creating a platform that will walk a new intern, vendor, or full-time employee through all the necessary steps to onboard to Microsoft first and their team second.

In essence, we are leveling the playing field – giving everyone the same opportunity to be successful in their day-to-day work and long-term career goals.

I envisioned, designed, and built the UI/UX mockups for the web portal in 48 hours.


Demoed OneBoarding to Jeff Ramos, General Manager of Microsoft Garage, and CEO Satya Nadella's assistant.