For 6.810 Engineering Interactive Technologies, I partnered with Jessie Wang to build sk8mate, an adaptive skateboard to help you learn how to skate better, mate!

01 Adaptive Learning

“Adaptive learning feels more personalized and motivated me” - User Study

sk8mate detects how badly you wobble, and adjusts the length of the skateboard that best suits your skill level: beginner, medium, advanced.

It's generally easier to balance and maneauver with a longer board. More advanced skaters can skate on smaller boards with comfort ease.

As you improve, sk8mate will challenge you to skate at a harder level when the time is right.

This project explores an exploration and application of physical adaptive tools, tools that adapt to a users' skill level to them learn a motor skill.

02 Implementation


We built custom components that add to the smarts of our adaptive skateboard, including a triple-axis gyroscope, custom-built sliding mechanism, and stepper motor to actuate the system.

I wrote the algorithms that sense balance and wobbles, and to actuate adjustments. I also designed and developed the project website and demo video.


Kevin Shum & Jessie Wang


Arduino, Microcontrollers & Electronics
Gyroscope & Stepper Motor
Laser Cutting
Paramteric 3D Modeling
Power Management
Product Design
User Testing
Web Design & Development
Videography & Editing