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DDDAS Collaboration Meeting

Friday May 2, 2014
MIT Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Cambridge MA

Organized by Sertac Karaman and Karen Willcox

DDDAS is a paradigm whereby application (or simulations) and measurements become a symbiotic feedback control system. DDDAS entails the ability to dynamically incorporate additional data into an executing application, and in reverse, the ability of an application to dynamically steer the measurement process. Advances in computation, sensing, and communication offer new opportunities for simulation-based and data-driven decision-making in aerospace systems. DDDAS methods and algorithms have the potential to play a key role in exploiting these opportunities. For more information on DDDAS and the AFOSR DDDAS program, see dddas.org.

Meeting goals

This collaboration meeting will bring together a small group of DDDAS researchers with industry and government participants, with a focus on applications in the aerospace domain. The goals of the meeting are: (1) to identify potential beneficial opportunities to transition existing DDDAS methods and algorithms, including potential future collaborations, and (2) to discuss open challenges in managing the data-to-decisions flow in future aerospace systems. The workshop will last a full day and will involve a combination of short presentations and structured discussion sessions.


The meeting will be held in Room 33-206 on the MIT campus. The street address for Building 33 is 125 Massachusetts Avenue. The meeting room is on the second floor. Link to map.


Doug Allaire, TAMU
Florian Augustin, MIT
Girish Chowdhary, OSU
David Casbeer, AFRL
Peter Chin, Draper
Frederica Darema, AFOSR
Alessandro Galli, RPI
Nikos Gatsonis, WPI
Alex Gorodetsky, MIT
Jon How, MIT
Xun Huan, MIT
Shigeru Imai, RPI
Sertac Karaman, MIT
David Kordonowy, Aurora Flight Sciences
Marc Lecerf, MIT
Laura Mainini, MIT
Youssef Marzouk, MIT
Peter Mastromarino, Lincoln Labs
Mike Nolan, Raytheon
Benjamin Peherstorfer, MIT
Danelle Shah, Lincoln Labs
Carlos Varela, RPI
Karen Willcox, MIT


0900-0915: Welcome and introductions
0915-0930: Objectives of DDDAS Program (Darema)
0930-1030: DDDAS opportunities in ISR, big data and other applications (Mastromarino/Shah, Nolan, Kordonowy, Chin)
1030-1100: Break
1100-1130: DDDAS opportunities in design and system integration (Willcox, Allaire)
1130-1200: DDDAS opportunities in experimental design and information gathering (Marzouk, Ravela)
1200-1330: Lunch (Legal Seafoods)
1330-1515: DDDAS opportunities in control/operation (Varela, Karaman, Casbeer, Chowdhary, Gatsonis, How)
1515-1630: Discussion: (1) Transition opportunities for DDDAS methods, (2) Future collaboration opportunities