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Congratulations Team Gradient Ascent!

A great showing from almost the whole research group to participate in the Boston Tough Mudder, June 1 2013.

Doug Allaire
Sergio Amaral
Florian Augustin
Tiangang Cui
Tim Curran
George Hansel
Chelsea He
Remi Lam
Marc Lecerf
Qifeng Liao
Chad Lieberman
Laura Mainini
Leo Ng
Jaco Pretorius
Demet Ulker
Karen Willcox

Before and After

The Arctic Enema: Laugh or cry?

Training Pics:

More Training Pictures

Notable Training Quotes

"Who is the poor sod who gets to carry me?" Jaco I'm-under-200lb Pretorius
Guest appearance at training on April 10: Professor Joaquim Martins (U. Michigan)