Office Chair Long Jump

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This is the event you've all been training for. Your chance to show off your chair sitting muscules, muscules you've been training since your first day at school. All you have to do is to sit down in an office chair and propell yourself forward.

The Concept

You know the long jump. You've seen it on TV while watching the (other) Olympics. The people run really fast down a long runway, propel themselves into the sky and land (hopefully) feet-first into a big sand pit. Well, this is the CSAIL Lab and we like to do things a bit differently here. There aren't any sand pits in the building, but there are large flat open areas. We can't jump very well, but we sure do get around on our office chairs. Hence, the CSAIL Lab version of the long jump is the Office Chair Long Jump.

Competitors will propel themselves down a runway using their feet or whatever other appendages or powers they possess. Before they get to the end of the runway, they will stop propelling themselves and coast to a stop. The distance of their "jump" will be their score.

The Rules


Each competitor will receive a score equal to the distance of his/her best "jump." Each team will be given a score equal to the sum of all the scores received by team members. Upper and lower bounds will be placed on individual competitor scores in order to encourage participation (for example, 1 foot=10 points, 2247 feet=30 points). Hence, a team can rack up a large score simply by having many team members participate.

Last Updated Jan 06, 2008