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While Spanish House offers a variety of benefits to its residential members--those members who choose to live in Spanish House, students may also partake of the many social and cultural activities that make Spanish House what it is by joining as social members. The option of social membership offers all of the benefits of residential membership except that of housing. Accordingly, a social member participates fully in house life. This level of membership is especially attractive for those students who wish to immerse themselves in the Spanish House atmosphere while still enjoying the aspects of campus life and dorm life outside of New House. In this way, Spanish House attracts a wide breadth of interested students who have chosen to live in residence halls such as Simmons, Next House, and Baker, just to name a few. As a social member, your degree of participation in Spanish House life is entirely up to you. Spanish House would love to have you as a social member; because as the saying goes, there's always room for one more!

Any questions should be directed to la_casa-rush@mit.edu