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9th US - Japan Symposium on Drug Delivery Systems

Session Chairs
Masatoshi Chiba
Mitsubishi Pharma Corp

Rodney Pearlman
Pacific Therapeutics, Inc

Yutaka Hirai
Canon, Inc

Nicholas Peppas
University of Texas – Austin

Alan Hoffman
University of Washington

  Yasuhiko Tabata
Kyoto University
Sung Wan Kim
University of Utah
  Bruce Zetter  
Boston Children's Hospital
Alexander Klibanov

Plenary Speakers

Mitsuru Akashi
Professor, Osaka University
Self-organizing nano-biomaterials:  Nano-particles and nano-films

Glenn Batchelder
Chief Executive Officer, BIND Biosciences, Inc.
Targeted nanoparticles for therapeutic applications

Gerald Bernstein
Vice President, Medical Affairs, Director, Generex Biotechnology Corp
Buccal delivery of drugs for diabetes

Henry Brem
Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Advances in brain tumor therapy

Paul Burke
Director of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery, Amgen
Delivery enhanced biopharmaceuticals:  Overcoming barriers to commercialization

Jeffrey Carbeck
Chief Technology Officer, WMR Biomedical, Inc
Title TBA

Gary Cleary
President and CTO, Corium International, Inc.
Title TBA

Mari Dezawa
Associate Professor, Kyoto University
Bone marrow stromal cells fro auto-cell transplantation therapy:  Applications for neuro- and muscle-degenerative diseases

Colin R. Gardner
Chief Scientific Officer, TransForm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Materials Science impact on drug formulation

Hideyoshi Harashima 
Professor, Hokkaido University
In vivo siRNA delivery with MEND

Mitsuru Hashida                          Yuriko Higuchi
Professor, Kyoto University           Professor, Kyoto University
Development of ligand modified quantum dots for imaging

Jeremy Heidel
Vice President, Research & Development & Chief Scientific Officer, Calando Pharmaceuticals
Targeted siRNA-containing formulations for clinical, systemic application

Juichi Ito
Professor, Kyoto University
A strategy for treatment of inner ear diseases using new drug delivery system

Yasufumi Kaneda
Professor, Osaka University
Development of virosome-based drug delivery systems for cancer therapy

Joachim Kohn
Professor, Rutgers University
Combinatorial discovery approaches accelerate the development of drug eluting combination devices

Victor Kotelianski
Vice President of Research, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Achieving therapeutic silencing by RNAi: Progress and perspectives

Min Young Lee
Vice President, Sam Yang Corporation
Launch of Genexol-PM with bio-polymers increasing therapeutic index (tentative)

Atushi Maeda
Senior Manager, Astellas Pharma, Inc.
Study on enzymatic cleavable polymer coated long-circulating liposome system

Yasuhiro Matsumura
Chief, Investigative Treatment Division, National Cancer Center Hospital East
Micelle carrier system in cancer chemotherapy

Bob Miller
Vice President Polymer Chemistry, Genzyme Drug & Biomaterial R & D
Properties of Chemically Modified Hyaluronan and Other Macromolecules

Hideyuki Okano 
Professor, Keio University School of Medicine
Novel therapeutic strategies for CNS-repair

John Patton 
Founder and CSO, Nektar Therapeutics
New pulmonary and pegylation advances

Howard Rosen
VP., Commercial Strategy, Gilead Sciences, Inc.
What’s new in cystic fibrosis therapy

Akihiko Sano
Senior Manager, Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.
Atelocollagen-mediated technology as an effective drug delivery system for nucleic drugs

John Santini   
President & CEO, MicroCHIPS, Inc.
Programmable drug delivery from implantable multi-reservoir devices

Ram Sasisekharan
MIT Biological Engineering & Center for Cancer Research
Temporal targeting of tumour cells and neovasculature with a nanoscale delivery system

Thomas Schluep
Chief Scientific Officer, Insert Therapeutics, Inc.
Cyclodextrin polymer nanoparticles for cancer therapy: New molecules and first clinical results

John Siebert
Chairman and CEO, Cydex, Inc.
Unique Pharmaceutical solubilization examples; Unique product differentiation

Larry Sternson
Chief Executive Officer, Avidimer Therapeutics
Dendrimers as nanomolecular platforms for targeted therapeutics

Hikaru Sugihara
Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
A new platform for gastric retentive system as a sustained release formulation

Francis Szoka
Professor, University of California, San Francisco
New molecules for lipid based drug delivery

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